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Designing, manufacturing and fitting of all your steel/canvas combined canopies.

We manufacture a wide range of steel/canvas combined canopies.
Bespoke projects: with more than 15-year experience, we handle your project from design to delivery.


Canopies - product range

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A large range of permanent canopies or special event marquees for many areas of activities : car-canopies, canopies for car-parks, canopies for restaurants.

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Canopies - creations

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abris terrasses hotel
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View our canopies and canopies on sites : terrace canopies, canopies for restaurants, covered playground, covered courtyards, car-canopies, covered car-park...

examples of canopies and canopies on sites

Standards /
Health and Safety

All our canopies are carried out in compliance with the French Safety Standards CTS or NV65 Standards.

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Sustainable Development

The steel/canvas combined canopies Texabri are environmentally-friendly.

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