Shelters for communities

Protecting a playground with a schoolyard cover, covering a grandstand or a car park…

For more than 25 years now Texabri has been assisting communities in their construction projects.

Texabri is the no. 1 choice when it comes to solidity and design.

Only the most demanding clients choose Texabri.

Application 1

Schoolyard shelters

Protect the most important space where children play, interact and blossom.
Discover Texabri solutions for school playground shelters. They comply with CTS/NV665/Eurocodes safety standards and are entirely customisable !

Discover our schoolyard shelters

Application 2

Car park canopy

For communities looking for an alternative to heavy construction, Texabri offers a solution for protecting car parks of any size.

Discover our car park canopies

Application 3

Grandstand canopy

Texabri offers solutions for covering grandstands so that sports fans can fully enjoy their area of interest. Modular, economical and compliant with strict safety standards – the Texabri shelter was designed with one goal in mind: protecting spectators and offering them the best experience during an event, regardless of the weather.

Discover our solutions for grandstand canopies

Application 4

Sports field canopy

Covering a sports field is important for players and spectators. It allows you to make maximum use of the facility regardless of the weather. Discover shelters for sports activities: infinitely adjustable and customisable for integration in any kind of environment !

Discover our solutions for sports field canopies

Your project requires a customised shelter?

Our technical engineering office is there to meet the challenge.

Entrust Texabri with your project and you will get a partner that is committed to your success.