Shelters for the large retail brands in food and hardware.

Since 2008 Texabri has been accompanying the biggest brands of food superstores in designing drive-through collection points. With more than 800 units installed, Texabri clearly is the benchmark for this sector.

But the retail sector (food, hardware, gardening supplies) has many other needs: covering material yards, installing car park canopies, increasing visibility of rental vehicle fleets, protecting storage areas, sheltering outdoor sales areas, etc.

Texabri is the no. 1 choice when it comes to solidity and design.

Only the most demanding clients choose Texabri.

Application 1

Shelter for commercial galleries

To ensure attractiveness and comfort of outdoor commercial galleries, protecting the walkway is no longer optional.
The implementation of the “Galerie du Phare de l’Europe” in Brest with its 8 shops now accessible in any weather conditions demonstrates this very nicely.

Discover our shelters for commercial galleries

Application 2

Drive-through shelter

The arrival of drive-through collection points at megastores has revolutionised the way many people do their shopping. For any drive-through system the customer’s experience when picking up purchases is crucial.

A shelter system or awning canopy makes indicating a drive-through or pick-up area much easier, just as protecting it from bad weather and customising it with the colours of the logo.

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Application 3

Car park canopy

Of great capacity, with designated spots for handicapped persons and families and close to the megastore entrance – the car park indisputably represents the extra service that will considerably improve the arrival of clients.

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Application 4

Cover for material yards

The number of people who like to do DIY projects is increasing.

Covering the material yard means being considerate of your customer’s comfort and protecting material stored outside in order to preserve its mint condition.

Discover our covers for material yards

Application 5

Shelter for vehicle rentals

Brands are developing more and more services to complement the business of their anchor food store and increase attractiveness for their clients.

One example is Leclerc, a chain of megastores that is now offering car rental services: from passenger cars and utilitarian vehicles to even electric cars.

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Application 6

Walkway covers

For a positive customer experience your pedestrian walkway needs to be protected above all. Discover our solutions for complete cover from rain or sunshine to protect your customers !

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Your project requires a customised shelter ?

Our technical engineering office is there to meet the challenge.

Entrust Texabri with your project and you will get a partner that is committed to your success.