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We appreciated the expertise of the company, which knew how to take our technical constraints into consideration, including all of the pertinent calculations for a well-balanced shelter and the undeniable quality of the finished product, which fulfilled the promises from the photos I had seen.”

D.C – Lease Plan

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About the company

Lease Plan is a world reference for Long-Term Rental solutions and has managed car parking lots since 1963.

Context and objective

Lease Plan is car rental company with the goal of selling cars to individual clients. As such, the company wanted to create a true sales space dedicated to these new clients at their sites. With a parking lot that includes nearly 3,000 vehicles, the project challenge was to create a space that was visible to passers-by and to thereby showcase certain “headline” cars.

Proposed Texabri solution

  • 5 shelters measuring 12 m x 9 m, in order to cover all of the showcased vehicles
  • 12 standard steel posts
  • The Lease Plan logo on white translucent fabric, in order to make the space visible
  • Lighting with T5 neon lights

One significant technical constraint that needed to be taken into consideration was the nearly 40-cm variation in surface elevation, which added complexity to the project. Another consideration to be dealt with ahead of time was the layout of the vehicles parked diagonally along a central row.


In the client's words

The choice was quickly narrowed down to Texabri, since the car parking shelter design met the aesthetic requirements of the project. The originality of the product and the solidity of the structure made it unanimous; then, we were able to move forward with the sales team. We appreciated the responsiveness and the availability of the sales team, which proposed a complete solution to us very quickly. We also liked the company’s expertise, which handled our technical constraints, including all of the pertinent calculations, in order to obtain a well-balanced parking lot shelter. Finally, the quality of the finished product was indisputable, and fulfilled the promise, based on the photos I had seen.

D.C – Lease Plan Project Manager

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