Shelter for wash centers: More details from Planète Wash

We quickly developed a trusted relationship with the Texabri team.

Jean-Pierre BIDERT

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About the car wash center

Planète Wash is known as the car wash specialist.

Context and objective

The project entailed a double challenge for car wash specialists. The first was covering the vacuuming areas for the car wash station. Based in Normandy, where rain is frequent, we needed to ensure client comfort in order for people to be able to use the machines, in any type of weather. The other challenge was to provide an attractive appearance for the car wash station. It was crucial that we come up with a structure with original architecture that integrated smoothly into the environment in order to be able benefit from the company’s brand image and advertising campaigns.

Proposed shelter solution

In order to meet all of the expectations, the Texabri team recommended installing two shelters, measuring 8 m x 5.5 m each. These totaled 6 powder-coated steel posts, 2 white PVC fabrics with the Planète Wash logo, and lighting to make the equipment accessible at all times, all integrating the calculations based on the C.T.S. Standards and Regulations.


In the client's words

We quickly developed a trusted relationship with the Texabri team. This type of positive inter-company relationship is truly essential to create lasting partnerships.

First of all, we appreciated the responsiveness of the sales team, and the relationship with our contact. We also appreciated the product, since it met the promise that had been sold to us. Finally, we were very happy with the installation on the scheduled date and the coordination between the assembly teams, which was carried out with professionalism.

J.B – Planète Wash


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