Building a shelter: on what type of ground?


Before planning the construction of a stretch fabric shelter, some companies and groups dissuade themselves, wrongly thinking that the ground where they will build the shelter will not support it. The shelter manufacturer, Texabri, has proven these ideas wrong, since they have made it possible to install an awning, school playground shelter, or even a drive-thru shelter on all types of ground.

The prerequisites for building your stretch fabric shelter

Building a stretch fabric shelter requires a certain amount of preparation of the ground so that it can ensure the solidity of the structure. For certain types of friable ground, such as soil or grass, it is necessary to install concrete foundations. This preparation of the area is the responsibility of the client, who can hire a third-party company.
However, in addition to manufacturing the shelter, Texabri also offers its clients these all-inclusive services before installation, which can either be performed by our teams or by one of our trusted suppliers. If you would like to entrust Texabri with this task, indicate your requirements at the time that you make your request for a quote.


The experience of Mathias Deperdu, Texabri sales manager:

« After the shelter manufacturer makes its calculations (after assessing the slope), in considering the type of ground, it can create a stretch fabric shelter on any type of ground. For example, at Texabri, we have already created this type of construction on sand. »

Installing a shelter without concrete foundations: yes, it's possible!

If the construction of a concrete slab seems too involved of a project, garden boxes can be used instead. These bases, filled with gravel, will form the ballasting weight and can be used to replace foundations to a certain extent.

Very solid and reliable as a base for shelters, garden boxes will suffice for bad weather or violent wind, but they can only support a shelter that is up to 48 m2 in size and that is not more than 2.80 m in height.

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