Building a shelter: a simplified administrative process


Building a stretch fabric shelter, such as those offered by the manufacturer Texabri, do not require very restrictive administrative steps. Contrary to other solutions requiring significant work, Texabri shelter installation does not generally require a construction permit.

Manufacturing a shelter: simplified formalities

For the past 20 years, Texabri has been designing, manufacturing, and installing stretch fabric shelters that are easy to install and that do not require a lot of work. Their design and construction meet the CTS Safety Regulations, which are applied to big tops, tents, and structures, facilities that are considered temporary, even if installed in a permanent manner.
The construction of this type of shelter, which the authorities consider possible to disassemble, allows you to take advantage of more flexible formalities: the authorization to construct a stretch fabric shelter is obtained by simply filing a request in advance with city hall.


The experience of Mathias Deperdu, Specialist in building shelters:

"For constructions with a surface area that is greater than 40 m2, normally, a construction permit is required. The large majority of city halls authorize the installation of a stretch fabric shelter if you simply file a request, regardless of the size, since they consider our structures to be big tops that are installed for long durations. This simplicity is one of the strengths of Texabri products!"

Building a shelter: what administrative steps need to be taken?

Before building your shelter, you have to complete a declaration form in advance. Two copies of this request need to be sent via registered mail with return receipt to the appropriate authority for your project, at city hall. The department will just make sure that the work requested does in fact comply with the Urban Planning Code. This administrative step is fairly simple, and also fast; all you have to do is wait for a one-month review period. After this time, if the authority does not issue a negative response, you may begin construction.

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