Building an automobile shelter: the regulations to be applied


For an automobile professional, a parking lot shelter goes hand-in-hand with business. It is a guarantee that the company's assets will be protected, whether that be new cars or used cars, but it is also an excellent way to make the least attractive areas of the dealership more attractive. However, building a safe and elegant parking lot shelter can be a significant investment involving major construction if the right solution is not chosen.

Building a safe parking shelter: what you need to know

Most construction projects involving a surface or building area greater than 20 m2 require a construction permit (Source: Public service). However, a tolerance threshold has been set at 40 m2 for parking shelters build in urban areas that are regulated by local urban planning.
In any case, constructing a car parking lot shelter, whether a stand-alone awning or one installed as an extension of the main building, requires that an administrative declaration be filed with city hall.

Is the shelter for your car parking lot a taxable surface?

A car parking lot shelter, according to R.331-7 of the Urban Planning Code, is not a taxable surface, unless it is enclosed or exceeds a total height of 1.80 m. It is the parking area of the shelter for the parking lot that predominates when calculating the tax, which is defined at a fixed rate.

Discover Texabri's "car parking lot shelter" offering

The all-inclusive car parking lot shelters designed by Texabri perfectly fulfill the requirements of automotive professionals. These stretch fabric shelters are subject to the safety standards under the Big Tops, Tents, and Structures (CTS) or NV65 regulations, which gives them a double advantage. A shelter for a car parking lot designed by Texabri is a covered space, but it is also open, and thus not a taxable surface. Moreover, these metal and textile structures are often considered by city halls as installations that can be disassembled, which do not require a construction permit, regardless of their size.

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